Goodbye “Home”!

Photographer: My sister. I asked her to snap photos with my camera. I wanted to capture these for memories ❤️

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Absolutely going to miss our fabulous backyard! Park like setting on a private lake. We left the new owners with 2 paddle boats and a motor boat to enjoy the lake right away.

Dylan and daddy. Signing off title to new owners and making the home officially, SOLD.

Dylan with our awesome realtor, Janet Sherman.

Last room I packed… Dylan’s nursery. My most favorite room in the house. Our good friend hand painted this amazing mural for him.

The U-Haul is ready! Dylan just hanging out in his push car, you can purchase the same one here. He absolutely loves riding around in it!!!

Date: September 12, 2017
Well, we did it! We SOLD our first home together. We moved in on 11/22/13, coincidentally got married on 11/22/15 (same date wasn’t planned). The place where Steven proposed to me, we brought home our son and we raised him for his 1st year. We got pregnant with our 2nd child, hosted thanksgivings and many other countless memories!
Although this is goodbye, we will hold on to the memories forever. Time to continue our story as we move to our dream home! It fits all of our family’s needs and it will be perfect!


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2 thoughts on “Goodbye “Home”!”

  1. Veronica I LOVE your blog. Not only are you the best neighbor and mommy you are a talented brilliant girl! Love all your stories and can’t wait to follow you! You’re never getting rid of me! Miss you tons!!!!

    1. Thank you Rita, I will always remember you as the most hip mom and the coolest neighbor ever. I will miss you and your family very much! I hope to come see you when we come back to visit our family in town as often as possible.

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