Maternity Photos Recap (2016)

❤️ In honor of my son’s upcoming 1st birthday in a couple of days, I am posting maternity photos from when I was pregnant with him last year 🙂

🏠 Location: Our previous home’s backyard
📷 Photographer: Brandie Goodman- Marquez

To my husband:
I’ll never forget the day I told you, “you’re going to be a daddy!” You picked me up with teary eyes and spun me around with joy. You love being a hands-on/do it all daddy & you help make pregnancy and motherhood so pleasant. Watching you fall in love with our son has been one of the greatest joys of my life (the other was marrying you) and every time I see you care for our little boy with such tenderness, it reminds me that marrying you was the best decision I’ve ever made, because no one else could be a better parenting partner for me, nor could anyone else love Dylan and (soon baby girl) like you do. I want to continue to do life with you forever and grow with you in the most positive way.